Щасливі апартаменти


16600 Широкомагерська 12, Nizhyn, 16600, Ukraine

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Щасливі апартаменти. Hotel in NIZHYN

Щасливі апартаменти is located in Nizhyn and offers a garden and a terrace. Opening onto a balcony, the apartment consists of 1 bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

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Nizhyn (Ukrainian: Ні́жин, romanized: Nížyn, IPA: [ˈn⁽ʲ⁾iʒɪn]; Russian: Не́жин, romanized: Néžin; Polish: Nieżyn) is a city located in Chernihiv Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine, along the Oster River, 150 km (93 mi) north-east of the nation's capital, Kiev. The cost of living in the Щасливі апартаменти located in the NIZHYN, NIZHYNSKYI from 000$. It is the administrative center of Nizhyn Raion, though the city itself is incorporated as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion. We remind you that the Щасливі апартаменти is located in the NIZHYN, NIZHYNSKYI. Once it was a major city of the Chernigov Governorate.. See more information from the Щасливі апартаменти in the NIZHYN, NIZHYNSKYI.

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